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Yes, we are sector agnostic and provide them with consultation and guidance. We are not limited to a specific clientele but rather believe in universal integration.

We are able to support and assist all sorts of companies at during all life cycle. We provide guidance and consultancy to all organizations and have obtained enough experience to cater for all stages

At Send’Or Capital Ltd. we aim to make this step as underwhelming and non-extensive as possible. Each client comes with a different set of circumstance and requirements, so it is best to contact one of our experts to determine what is required for us to provide a thorough evaluation of your specific business case depending on the complexity of what is being considered.   

This is not a determent as we possess the expertise to assist you with the creation of such a document. As we strive to work efficiently we can give you a informal evaluation with an executive summary and detailed outlined version of your project which would determine how much more would be required to commit to moving forward in our process.

Send’Or Capital Limited will cater for you by providing you with multiple options for the financing of your company

In need of Capital Advisory Services, then we are here for you. With deep expertise and expansive experience in the business, we will provide you with the quality of service you deserve.

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Yes, we work with every industry sector. We have worked with a variety of industries and organizations, providing them with advice and direction over time. We do not serve a specific clientele, but rather a global clientele. Whoever needs our services receives them without discrimination.

We collaborate with businesses in all stages of development. We provide financing and counseling to all businesses, but we have a special place for startups, which we actively promote.

Send’Or Capital Limited has a customer service policy. Therefore, our technique is quite straightforward. The documentation requirements depend on the program you are pursuing and the complexity of the project you are exploring. Even if it is not particularly difficult, our skilled consultants will walk you through each step.

We supply the lenders with the concept of a condensed form of your project, which is typically not a need as we handle all business plans. However, a business plan is sometimes required by specific lenders. Therefore, as I said before, the advisors are the only ones who can support you at every stage. 

Send’Or Capital Limited is at your service. We provide you with a variety of comprehensive financing alternatives for your business.

Naturally, we take pride in our service, and our customers are the reason for that pride. So that you can start out completely satisfied, we will gladly supply references.

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